Landscaping Northern Beaches

Posted on June 26, 2013

Your garden can be a sanctuary for you to retreat to when you need a little peace. If your garden is overgrown and lacking purpose it can create more stress than peace. At Mark Lanning Landscapes we can create the landscaping Northern Beaches homeowners have been enjoying for years as their peaceful sanctuary after a hard day’s work.

Peaceful Green Space

Creating peaceful retreats takes vision as well as an understanding of what plants work well with each other in a harmonious way. You also require knowledge of the proper placement for plants and where they will thrive and where they will shrivel. The proper light, the proper water and the best environment in hand with an aesthetically pleasing positioning will help create the perfect peaceful green space.

Artful Design

Landscaping is an art that can only be appreciated when you have time to stop and smell the roses. We will create the artful design you need to make you stop and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Beautiful gardens bring peace of mind by slowing you down long enough to inhale the fragrant blossoms and lose yourself in the cool green lawn.

Carefully Tended

The perfectly landscaped garden must be carefully tended to allow it to thrive and bring years of pleasure. We do not only design, plan and plant your garden we can also offer the gardening services to keep your garden lush, green and blossoming.

Front and Back

We can create the beautifully detailed garden for both your front and back gardens. A landscaped front yard shows pride of ownership and enhances the beauty of your lovely home. We can lead the eye along a welcoming path, allow it to linger on the well-manicured lawn and admire the perfect detail of perfectly trimmed hedges and topiaries.

When you are ready to create the perfect green space for your home, contact Mark Lanning Landscapes. We can create the stunning, peaceful garden atmosphere you long for to offer you years of tranquillity and calm.


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